Geo-4D provide topographic & geophysical surveys, technical inspections & BIM services to a variety of sectors, utilising a range of aerial and terrestrial survey equipment.

CAA Permission For Aerial Work (PFAW): 1813

Panoblade - Turbine Inspections

We work with Cornis to offer High Resolution Photographic turbine blade inspection services. Cornis Blade Inspection system is a ground-based solution (or on the transition piece of an offshore turbine), which enables a fast and precise scan of all surfaces of the turbine blades using a 26 Megapixel camera on a stabilised, motorised head.

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Geo-4D can provide you with a variety of outputs and deliverables, tailored to suit your task and industry. With a wide range of professional tools at our disposal, including UAVs, laser scanners, GNSS equipment & geophysical instruments, we make sure that we pick the right equipment for the job.

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You capture, we process. Data processing & analysis services for UAV pilots & companies.
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